• Online Purchase (Consumer), E-Commerce Team

    Globalware Solutions hosts and operates web stores for numerous clients across the globe. If you have found Globalware Solutions on your credit card or bank statement, please verify if you have placed an online purchase matching the date on your statement. The statement will also contain a name of a brand or web store to help you identify where the online purchase was initiated. Please visit the individual web store to contact Customer Service via phone or email.  

  • Supply Chain Services, Account Mgmt Team

    If you are a Globalware Solutions business client and require support with your supply chain, fulfillment, distribution or retail solution, please contact your account manager for immediate results. If you do not have your account managers contacts, please call (978) 469 - 7500 for US East Coast operations, (650) 363 - 2200 for US West Coast Operations or +31 (0) 23 751 7300 for Europe and Asia operations. Each location will allow you to browse the phone directory by first or last name. If you do not have a contact within GWS, please contact our front desk (using the phone directory) and a representative will direct your request to the appropriate managers.

  • Online Tools, GWS IT Response Team

    Globalware Solutions offers a variety of online tools to view, access and store your business data - from E-Commerce transactions to real-time warehousing tasks. As these tools get updated to keep usability and compatibility at premium level - you might experience these tools unavailable for short times. GWS will inform you prior to such updates. If an online tool does not become available within the expected time frame or if you experience an emergency, please contact our Help-Desk via Email at support@gwsmail.com.