Global Technology

    GlobalWare’s global technology solutions address the complex tax requirements and export regulations that we’ve spent three decades mastering. Manage multiple sites, currencies, and languages with the gCommerce platform, expanding the value of your investment while retaining centralized control.

    International Support Features

    • Localized user interfaces
    • Transactions charged in local currency
    • Conformance with national regulations for receipts, invoices, returns
    • Proprietary multi-level fraud prevention system and denied-party screening
    • Tariff, tax, and regulatory expertise

    Transaction Processing

    • Credit card processing: Visa, Amex, MC, Discover, PIN-less Debit cards
    • U.S. sales tax calculation, European and Asian VAT calculation
    • Proprietary multi-level fraud prevention system
    • Redundant links to multiple payment processors


    • Transact business worldwide, increasing sales and market penetration
    • Reduce the risks associated with global growth
    • Expand your reach without increasing your fixed costs
    • Increase brand awareness


  • Localization
  • Currency
  • Language