GlobalWare delivers a single-vendor solution that can align your supply chain execution with your business objectives and requirements. Our powerful platform allows you to define:

  • Delivery of software and updates
  • End-user license agreements
  • Notifications
  • Fulfillment of software license keys

Combined with our gCommerce platform, you can realize an astounding transformation in the way you deliver products to customers. As the face of your brand to the customer, we take orders, provide service, and eliminate physical production and inventory costs, freeing you to do what you do best: write game-changing software.


  • Seasoned analysis of your existing distribution models
  • Cost/benefit case for digital fulfillment
  • Real-time information visibility tools
    • GlobalViewTM
    • DataShareTM


  • Substantial cost reductions from physical models
  • Consistent compliance and quality improvements
  • Increased retained revenue throughout the product lifecycle

Digital Distribution

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Global E-Commerce and Fulfillment services

, as well as

Electronic Software Downloads


Digital Rights Management

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