LifeSpan Technology Recycling ® and GlobalWare Team to Provide Profitable End-of-Life Solutions


    GlobalWare Solutions and LifeSpan Technology Recycling ® Team to Provide Profitable, Environmentally Sound End-of-Life Technology Solution

    Don’t throw that computer in the landfill!

    The downside of rapidly evolving digital technology is the compressed cycle of obsolescence. GlobalWare Solutions and LifeSpan Technology Recycling have entered into a partnership to expedite the recycling of digital components to help keep the planet green while turning those used electronics into a revenue stream for their clients.

    One customer is a worldwide leader in storage and network security solutions. The company has sold over 410 million digital storage drives and disks alone. With products ranging from hard drives to disks to DVD components to flash memory sticks, the company had found itself with an ever expanding inventory of refurbished items, but no sales channels to move these types of products.

    Enter the strategic alliance of GlobalWare and LifeSpan. Together the two are delivering a competitive advantage to technology companies by selling and delivering previously worthless assets directly to both consumers and wholesalers. Customers, like the one mentioned above, are transforming the costs associated with inventory management into an ongoing revenue stream. 

    GlobalWare brings its expertise in shipping, global logistics and supply chain management. The company has a state-of-the-art fulfillment system featuring a proprietary software platform which provides its clients with real time inventory management coupled with industry standard accuracy and transparency.

    LifeSpan provides their experience in electronic asset retirement and the all important worldwide sales channels for these refurbished goods and recycled raw materials.

    “This is a very synergistic fit,” says GlobalWare Solutions CEO, David Beatson. “Our partnership is a win-win-win situation for us, our customers and the planet.”
    Dag Adamson, President of LifeSpan, says “This is one of the best things we can do for the environment, to get end-of-life electronic products back into the marketplace so they don’t end up in landfills, here or overseas. Our clients benefit from reduced inventory and increased revenues. Plus, the environment benefits because we are recycling, selling refurbished products and converting parts back into raw materials.”

    Based upon its initial success with only a handful of products from this one customer alone, GlobalWare and LifeSpan anticipate significant revenue growth as its handles a wider array of this market leader’s product lines and those of other technology companies with similar challenges.

    Headquartered in Haverhill, Massachusetts, GlobalWare Solutions helps companies market, sell and deliver physical and digital products to the global marketplace. From versatile turnkey ecommerce and logistics solutions, GlobalWare reduces lead-time, cuts costs, increases flexibility in product lifecycles and streamlines program management to drive revenues, build customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage.

    LifeSpan Technology Recycling, founded in 2002, specializes in asset retirement, data protection and computer components recycling for corporations, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations nationwide. LifeSpan also manages a full range of so-called “end-of-life” information security issues for its clients. The company works exclusively with EPA-registered and regulation-compliant partners to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection and ethical business practices. It is an authorized Microsoft partner with offices in Boston, Denver, Omaha and San Diego.