• Consumer Electronics


    A leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative and award winning wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications needed to expand the sale of their products and wanted to utilize the web to accomplish this goal.
    They required a single unique partner who could align their business objectives with a broader supply chain strategy, provide world-class professional services via a single point of contact, deliver this complete solution on a hosted platform with a dedicated IT staff, and support the complex set of physical and digital requirements for their web store.

    The chosen vendor would need to have a fully integrated e-Commerce solution that could easily expand to include:

    • Software protection and support
    • Scalable functionality for resellers, distributors and corporate end users
    • Localization and presence in global markets
    • World class professional services


    GlobalWare Solutions’ robust e-Commerce engine, designed to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers is a perfect fit these requirements. GlobalWare’s hosted solution features a sophisticated front end that interfaces directly to the clients ERP system and includes:

    • International localization, denied parties interaction and VAT tracking
    • 24x7 global in-country language call centers
    • Search engine marketing campaigns, promotions and cross-sell marketing capabilities
    • Credit card processing, SSL and proprietary fraud blocking capabilities
    • Secure and integrated backend fulfillment of digital, physical, and on-demand products in a single shopping cart
    • Streamlined fulfillment and distribution of orders
    • Real-time web-based order and tracking information visibility - GlobalView™


    GlobalWare implemented 18 web stores in six currencies and six languages. The web stores provide the client a profitable revenue stream with no fixed costs.
    Since the inception they have realized:

    • 13% per month over month sales increase since inception
    • Browse-to-buy conversion rate consistently exceeds 5% (industry average – 1.1%)
    • High level of customer satisfaction - global call center language options, fast delivery and product quality
    • Web stores accommodate global corporate end users, resellers and distributors
    • Orders ship within 24 hours with 99.8% on-time product delivery
    • Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment of product sold and shipped worldwide