• Architecture, Security, and Performance

    Scalability, extensibility, and reliability are the pillars of the gCommerce architecture. Our robust platform has been architected to handle millions of orders a year, including spikes during seasonal activity. GlobalWare also provides 24/7 performance monitoring and regular upgrades and enhancements, ensuring that your infrastructure remains rock solid.
    Leveraging multiple data centers around the world, the power of cloud computing, and CDN partners, gCommerce can transform your growth strategy. Our power never comes at the expense of security, though. GlobalWare implements the following features to keep your information safe:

    • SAS 70 certification
    • PCI compliance
    • Redundant hosting in a multiple-geography environment
    • Daily third party testing to ensure there are no vulnerabilities
    • Secure SSL and Integrated IP Blocking
    • Proprietary security features to protect sensitive client information