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Transfer Procedure

It is suggested that the process of transferring PostScript document(s) between a customer and GlobalWare Solutions take the following format:

  1. The customer prepares the PostScript file(s) according to the application/ platform on which the file(s) are being generated.
  2. The customer uses an appropriate compression utility to reduce the size of the file(s) and, especially in the case of the Mac, to combine file segments into one package. The compression utility used will be specific to the user's operating system.
  3. The customer then notifies the GlobalWare Solutions salesperson and/or account manager via e-mail that a transmission will take place. Also include a carbon-copy to, a mailbox user monitored by the systems administrators.
  4. The customer uses FTP to transfer the file(s) to GlobalWare Solutions.
  5. GlobalWare Solutions acknowledges receipt of the file(s).

Once the file(s) have been received they can be processed according to the normal procedures for electronic files.

For additional information, please refer to 3 Steps to Successful Digital File Printing.

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