As a single-source turnkey vendor, GlobalWare manufactures all components for product kit assembly. Our multiple high-speed assembly lines and on-demand kit building systems can build up to 200,000 customized product kits per day for bulk distribution or individual order fulfillment.

At GlobalWare, finished assemblies are delivered to the shipping dock automatically via our Pitney Bowes In-Motion automated fulfillment system. This system automatically sorts orders by type and destination. Upon shipment each order is tracked by GWS' web accessible “ProductTrac” system, tracking orders all the way to the point of receipt by the customer. Our computerized kitting, warehousing, and inventory management services provide just-in-time (JIT) distribution of products, books, and media worldwide.

Fulfillment has become a key to the success of GlobalWare in the past several years. Our ability to provide on-demand fulfillment to our customers has enabled us to maintain and grow our revenue stream through this value added service. With the explosive growth of the Internet, it is imperative that “customer direct access” to product information be made available. We have invested heavily to ensure that our capacity exceeds our customers’ demand for this service.

We maintain extensive warehousing capacity and a computerized materials management system to ensure just-in-time distribution of all books, media, and product kits. For many of our full service/turnkey business partners, we manage worldwide product distribution, inventory, and warehousing. Our business partners interact directly with GlobalWare through our website tools to access manufacturing management data and to monitor project status and shipment transactions. Managed efficiency means managed costs.

Our capabilities to receive distribution orders include our web page distribution ordering system, ANSII X12 EDI, and e-Mail for both customer and end user requests. We can receive orders for same day fulfillment up to 3:30 EST.

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