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The preferred mechanism for transferring files from a customer to GlobalWare Solutions is to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service provided on most computer systems that run the TCP/IP protocol. FTP, a universal standard for networking communications, permits a user to remotely log onto a computer (host) located anywhere on the Internet, provided that the user knows the host's name (or its Internet address) and either has a login account on that host or the host supports "anonymous" login.

FTP may be used to both upload and download files between the user's own computer and the host system. FTP is a particularly useful program because it does not require the operating systems on the host or client machines to match. This means a Macintosh user, for example, can use FTP to transfer files to or from a Sun or a PC without worrying about the inherent differences between operating systems. FTP takes care of resolving these differences.

Many hosts support "anonymous" login, a convenient way to allow users access to host systems without the necessity for the host to provide a specific login account for each individual user. As GlobalWare Solutions implements it, anonymous users are allowed to place files into the common ("/pub") directory, but downloading, delete, and overwrite privileges are not granted. Uploaded files are viewable only by the user who places them there and not by other external users.

GlobalWare Solutions's FTP service supports both anonymous login as well as assigned user identities. Specific user accounts may be assigned by the network administrators to customers who require additional capabilities, are frequent contributors, or who require extended security measures.

Netscape Navigator 3.0 and higher also support the uploading of files to an FTP site.

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