Distribution Ordering System allows GlobalWare customers and their clients the ability to place orders for complete products located in physical or virtual inventory. This application offers a centralized database of orders with the functionality to place, hold, release, and check order status. The database order information is input from a variety of sources, which can include individual consumers, imported files such as 800\x23, internal sales orders, and EDI orders.

An application-programming interface (API) can easily be developed to allow an end user to log into a web page designated by our customer that will link directly to the appropriate screens within this application. Additionally, these screens can be modified and customized to accommodate logos, graphics, and unique fields.

This tool also provides an on-line, real time order tracking system. With the simple click of a mouse, you can access your secure traffic database to verify all shipments of your product. Customized reporting features allow customers to manage their business with great flexibility.

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