When you outsource your Production and Fulfillment to GlobalWare Solutions, you can also receive a unique service that delivers what companies can no longer do without: a real-time data query system. We call this system BOLD (GlobalWare West On-Line Data) as a reminder of how valuable and highly visible your business is to us.

Leveraging the power of the Internet and our in-house systems, GlobalWare has developed a user-friendly and secure service offering that satisfies your need for:

  • Increased operational control and visibility; think of it as a window into your operations facility
  • Real-time information on order status, tracking numbers, and confirmations
  • Reduced customer support costs via a Pass Through service model, giving your major customers and partners direct access to query their information
  • On-demand reports that can be customized and downloaded from our system into your own reporting tool (e.g., Crystal Reports, Excel, SQL)
  • Multi-tiered authentication and verification process to prevent unauthorized access to your corporate data
  • On-Line hotlinks for Proof of Deliveries and hypertext links to major delivery carriers to check on shipment information

You must be a registered user to take advantage of this exciting technology. Please contact your Account Manager and we'll set you up!

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