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What We Do
GlobalWare Solutions (GWS) is a global provider of supply chain management solutions. Our offering is comprised of modular solutions that can be used independently to meet specific needs, or as an end-to-end solution that spans the entire supply chain...

How We Can Help You
  • Save on traditional and On-Demand Printing
  • Assemble, Kit, Fulfill & Distribute Worldwide
  • Manage, deliver & track Software Licenses & Entitlements
  • Deliver Documentation Online
  • Develop & launch a Custom, Hosted eCommerce storefront
  • Eliminate Software Piracy
  • Support Product Activations & upsell with Try & Buy programs
  • Enable, deliver and Manage eSubscriptions
  • Execute revenue-generating Promotions & Marketing Programs
  • Leverage Contract Manufacturing & Design Centers
  • Explore offshore Procurement, Repair & Refurbishment
Industry News

ISO today published revised, improved versions of its ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 standards and…