Box Print and Manufacturing

One of the most important components of any software package is the outer box or retail box. The box has the longest lead-time to manufacture and typically ranges from 3 to 6 weeks. In order to continue to reduce the lead-time for the manufacture of software products, GlobalWare Solutions realized that we needed to manufacture the boxes used in the majority of the products we build.

In 1998 we installed in our printing plant a KOMORI, 5-color press with aqueous coating, capable of printing on heavy stocks up to 32 pt. This press can produce retail boxes, O-wraps, CD-ROM sleeves, and a wide variety of packaging items up to 26"x40" in size and at a rate of 7,000 pieces per hour. With this press, GlobalWare Solutions has all of the manufacturing assets in house to produce the majority of the components used in a typical software product, which insures our customers the fastest delivery in the industry.

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