Leverage GlobalWare’s integrated international hubs and process expertise to deliver a Returns Management solution with the same snap as the rest of your supply chain. We’ll work with you to uncover customer patterns and implement solutions that turn product disappointment into service amazement.


  • Rapid response to customer concerns
  • GlobalView™ real-time, web-based inventory and order management system
  • Strategic worldwide production, warehouse, and distribution hubs throughout North America, Asia, and Europe
  • Global sourcing, purchasing, and regulatory expertise supported with on-site cultural and linguistic proficiency.


  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Reduced transportation and inventory costs
  • Consolidation of costs for de-kitting, reassembly, software insertion, parts substitution, screening, and product testing
  • Decreased obsolesce and write-offs through remanufacture and resale of products

Customer Service & Returns Management

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