GlobalWare’s experts mine value from Inventory Management by perfecting the coordinated flow of materials, people, and equipment. We work in tandem with your managers to apply our penetrating processes to your business, putting market demands to work for the system, not against it. Together we create minimum-maximum systems that target “zero stock out” positions and control costs while meeting demand.


  • GlobalView™ real-time, web-based inventory and order management system
  • Customizable pricing rules
  • Easy addition of new inventory items with specific characteristics and pricing
  • Worldwide locations to support closest-to-customer shipments
  • Experienced material requirements planning
  • Enlightening business intelligence and analytics
  • Support for web site, retail stores, partners, and wholesale channels
  • Expert warehouse management


  • Reduced overall inventory costs
  • Tighter control of inventory stock levels
  • Real-time operational visibility
  • Rampant customer satisfaction

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