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Increased Customer Security & Revenue


With the increase in online identity theft and credit card fraud, consumers are looking for assurances that their information is safe when used for online purchases. A leading online virtual auction site surveyed their customers seeking feedback regarding consumers’ confidence level when purchasing through their website and as a result the company decided to offer a new level of security – Second Factor Authentication (2FA) to their customers.

2FA provides an additional layer of security to the transaction process. Users are prompted for their user name and password plus an additional code provided by a secure token device for identity authentication.

To deliver the security solution the company needed to find a cost effective solution for sourcing, distributing and tracking the tokens and managing the large scale program.

Working directly with the company’s top officers, GlobalWare Solutions reviewed the requirements and developed a complete turnkey solution to address the customers’ security concerns. GlobalWare’s experienced implementation team created a step by step process flow to facilitate the introduction of this program. Based on the company’s specifications, GlobalWare sourced high quality security tokens, and stored them in a dedicated and secure warehouse.

Customers place their orders for the security tokens online and the company then transmits the information to GlobalWare. GlobalWare serializes the token, captures all the data electronically, prints the appropriate documentation and mails the completed kit to the customer.

Serial number, user name, and shipping information are captured in GlobalWare’s state of the art supply chain management tool, GlobalView™. This solution offers complete visibility throughout the distribution process, as well as appearing seamless to the end user.

GlobalWare Solutions' expert supply chain processes allowed the online auction site to quickly respond to their customers’ concerns.

By implementing the security token program, the company has realized:
Increased customer satisfaction
Improved online security by taking an active approach against fraud
Increased confidence in online buying resulting in increased sales

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