PowerCommerceTM is a suite of electronic packaging and delivery technologies that provide all the functions necessary to build, and manage fully hosted, customized e-business solutions for the marketing, sales and delivery of digital and physical goods.

What sets PowerCommerceTM apart from off the shelf eCommerce systems are the many man-years of development that went into designing our system to make it modular. With our approach each module required to specifically meet the needs of publishers can be quickly integrated into their site providing a high degree of customization and rapid deployment but at no additional time or cost over packaged solutions. As a result, PowerCommerceTM offers our customers a rich set of web infrastructure services from which we can rapidly build customized eCommerce solutions.

The PowerCommerce platform. A complementary suite of electronic packaging and delivery technologies providing advanced purchase and security capabilities, digital rights management and eMarketing services.

Track Record

Our customers are among the world’s leading technology companies, including Adobe, BMC Software, Intel, Macromedia and Sterling Commerce.

Rapid and Cost-Effective Development
The flexibility of our PowerCommerceTM platform allows us to rapidly develop eCommerce web sites that can be customized to our customers’ specific needs at a lower cost and faster rate than typical in-house development.
A Comprehensive Outsourced Solution
Our PowerCommerceTM technology platform provides state-of-the-art eCommerce capabilities for marketing, transaction processing, reporting and tracking customer data, systems integration, electronic packaging of digital goods and digital distribution.
Superior Purchase Experience
We dramatically improve the online shopping experience for end-users by providing a sophisticated user interface tooptimize the use and navigation of the site.
Comprehensive eMarketing Services
We leverage our experience in Internet marketing to design and implement comprehensive product and promotional campaigns designed to generate demand and revenue.
Global Physical Distribution Capabilities
We provide our customers with worldwide manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution capabilities through our four network linked global facilities.
An Open, Standards-based Approach
Our business strategy is to partner with best-of-class companies, including GLOBEtrotter, Fair Isaac and Paymentech, that provide solutions in the eCommerce and infrastructure space.
Industry Leadership
Recent industry awards include:
Codie Awared for Corporate Achievement, SIIA, March 2001
Best eBusiness Strategy Awared, Outsourcing Center, January 2001
Direct Online Marketing Award, Responsys Corporation, October 2000
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