Case Study #12: RMATrac™

One of GlobalWare Solutions' clients, a leading provider of mobile information access equipment and services, needed to be able to provide their customers with a reliable method for the return and/or exchange of their wireless device.

GWS designed the solution to encompass a web-based front end for which returns could be authorized and recorded by either the client's customer service organization, their resellers, or the client's end-users themselves. Called RMATrac(, this highly customizable web-based tool allows for the easy recording of all pertinent product return data: billing & shipping information, product description as well as serial number collection, reason return codes, and payment information (including credit card and/or purchase order data).

Disposition activities include a de-kitting process where the product packaging is removed and either recycled or restocked based on the client's pre-determined business rules. This disposition process also automatically relieves the returning customer's credit card, authorizing the appropriate account credit.

The returned hardware accessories are examined for cosmetic damages, and appropriately dispositioned according to the same business rules. The device itself next goes through a "go, no-go" test to determine the exact nature of the reported failure. All test data and product dispositions are automatically recorded and reported back to the client on a weekly basis.

The RMATrac( system also issues an email to the corporate device activation and provisioning system so that the new exchanged device arrives "HOT". These emails are timed with the delivery service level so that the client can ensure the new device is provisioned and activated right out of the box.

GlobalWare's customer has achieved a number of benefits as a result of the implementation of this solution. Primarily, this reverse logistics solution has provided substantial warranty management data. The reason codes adopted in the RMATrac( system has provided product management and product quality some real-time defect data to feed back into the product development cycle.

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