Case Study #5: Controlling Business Expansion

One of GlobalWare's Medical sector customers provides web appliances, web-enabled medical devices, and web services to the health care industry.

The Company's significant growth was taxing their existing order processing, kit assembly, fulfillment and customer care infrastructure. The Company's products require extensive serial number tracking for web-based service registration and product activation, basic product functionality and down-stream customer care; not to mention meeting the FDA's strict lot control requirements. Specific patient, shipment and device serial number tracking information is needed to update the Company's database in real time in a secure environment to meet HIPPA requirements.

As an outsource partner, GlobalWare Solutions worked with the Company to identify the processes that were right for outsourcing and developed a custom program to meet the Company's current and future requirements.

GlobalWare's flexible ISO 2000 certified and FDA Class II Registered manufacturing & fulfillment operations allowed all the various channel and individual kit manufacturing and fulfillment to be done under one roof and managed by the same system. Large bulk orders were produced and fulfilled at the end of the assembly line; case-lot and custom configured orders were produced in a smaller work cell environment; individual kits were produced into a finished goods inventory and fulfilled to order in a pick, pack & ship operation. GlobalWare employed its IT resources and systems to quickly develop and integrate a secure real-time data exchange with the Company's proprietary customer management system.

GlobalWare services allowed the Company to focus its existing resources on the core elements of their business: development, marketing and product support. Additionally, GlobalWare's supply chain management and postponement strategies allowed the Company to significantly improve its financial position by lowering total product cost, inventory risk and liability. The Company considers the GlobalWare's client program management team a key resource to ensure overall product quality and the highest levels of patient care.

The Company now has a trusted partner to provide virtually open-ended manufacturing and fulfillment capacity that adheres to high quality standards and FDA and HIPPA requirements.

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