Case Study #11: Changing Brands and Product Tracking

This Company provides their clients with software premiums, which are either used to promote customer loyalty or used as purchasing incentives.

GlobalWare's customer, here called "the Company," is a Marketing company, and does not have it's own technical staff. Each of their websites is slightly, but significantly different. For example some sites charge the customer per software title ordered for shipping and handling, while some sites offer one title free with each purchase. Checks are allowed as payment on some sites, but not all. Inventory cannot be uniquely branded for each product. If it were, the level of inventory on hand would grow exponentially as new clients were signed on. GlobalWare manufactures and fulfills the software.

GlobalWare Solutions devised a generic solution, which allows the Company to fulfill all projects from a common pool of inventory. This solution limits the Company's risk of building too much inventory for projects that launch poorly, or not having enough inventory for projects that become wildly successful.

To solve the problem, GlobalWare Solutions personnel were involved in initial planning sessions with the Company and its clients, to help define and steer the project requirements.

GlobalWare devised a way of branding a product for a specific program late in the fulfillment process. Orders are captured on a GlobalWare hosted website. Shipments occur when order volume totals 200 orders, or in time to meet certain Service Level Requirements set by the Company's Program Managers to reduce transaction costs. The Company can view their inventory levels, by specific software title, via InfoTracTM (a proprietary GWS informational web tool), and view order fulfillment activity via ProductTracTM (a proprietary GWS web based order and tracking program).

The Company uses a third-party service provider as its customer service arm. This provider responds to all customer inquiry e-mails regarding product shipment, general product inquiries and order status. Based on approvals from the Company, GWS gave the provider access to the Company's fulfillment data. The provider has indicated that since the implementation of the GWS solution the number of end user phone calls have been reduced precipitously. Further, with the use of GWS' ProductTrac(tm) end user inquiries are handled at least 50% faster than by prior methods.

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