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GLOBALWARE SOLUTIONSÔ acquires ReleaseNow Corporation technology assets


Haverhill, Ma. – December 10, 2001 - GlobalWare Solutions, a leading global provider of Software Contract Manufacturing, Content Management and eMarket Solutions, today announced that it has acquired the technology assets of ReleaseNow Corporation, a Web infrastructure services company.


“We are extremely excited about the addition of the ReleaseNow technology,” said James R. Bartlett, CEO of GlobalWare Solutions. “Our customers have global requirements for digital product delivery and the ReleaseNow technology addresses those needs. We are providing our customers with a dynamic, vertically integrated, global E-Commerce driven solution. This is a tremendous opportunity for GlobalWare Solutions.”


The “PowerCommerce” assets developed over the last several years at a cost of $50,000,000 provide all the functions necessary to operate web infrastructures, including building, and managing fully hosted, customized e-business solutions for the marketing, sales and delivery of digital goods. In addition GlobalWare has arranged to retain the outstanding technical/support team at ReleaseNow to deliver this state-of-the-art solution to GlobalWare’s customers.


The PowerCommerce platform is designed specifically to support,

·      Storefronts

·      Promotions

·      ESD, Digital Rights Management, and Licensing

·      Transaction Processing

·      Physical Fulfillment

·      Integrated Customer Service Tools and Capabilities

·      International Support

·      Reporting, Remittances, Back End Integration

·      Traffic Reporting

·      Accounting

·      Performance Reports

·      Integration with CRM System

·      Operate Hundreds of distinct e-commerce web sites efficiently


ReleaseNow’s technologies have received many industry awards including;


o     Codie Award for Corporate Achievement, SIIA, March 2001

o     Best e-Business Strategy Award, Outsourcing Center, January 2001

o     Direct Online Marketing Award, Responsys Corporation, October 2000





ReleaseNow technology brings to GlobalWare Solutions Clients;


o     A Comprehensive Outsourced Solution. The technology platform provides state-of-the-art e-commerce capabilities for marketing, transaction processing, reporting and tracking customer data, systems integration, electronic packaging of digital goods and digital distribution.


o     Superior Purchase Experience.  Improve the online shopping experience for end-users by providing a sophisticated user interface to optimize the use and navigation of the site.


o      Integration with e-Marketing Systems. The Power-eCommerce application has tight integration with e-Market systems, including the capabilities to track campaigns and execute special offers and promotions on a

             campaign basis.


o     Rapid and Cost-Effective Development of Customized Solutions. The flexibility of  PowerCommerce platform allows us to rapidly develop e-commerce sites that can be customized to our clients’ specific needs at a faster rate than typical in-house development.


o     An Open, Standards-based Approach to Technology. This business strategy will allow us to partner with best-of-class companies to provide solutions in the e-commerce and infrastructure space.




About GlobalWare Solutions: Headquartered in Haverhill, MA, GlobalWare Solutions provides global software contract manufacturing, digital content management, and e-market solutions for the world’s technological leaders. The Company works with hardware and software OEMs to manage their value chain services, which include, new product release, content management, software manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, and reverse logistics. GlobalWare Solutions also teams up with companies in the rapidly growing electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) industry to provide a complete outsourced solution for hardware-software products. The Company’s e-Market solutions include digital collaboration tools, web store development and vertically integrated manufacturing and fulfillment services.

GlobalWare’s Digital Content Management services provide management of client information across an enterprise. Content is securely submitted, validated, tagged, cataloged, wrapped, managed and stored within the GlobalContent system. This enables valuable information to be searchable and accessible from anywhere within the enterprise or via the Internet.

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